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Thank you for visiting Annelles's Originals for a one of a kind wool applique penny rug pattern.

My patterns and wool felt kits are a contemporary version of the old penny rug applique quilt, which

are most often displayed as candle mats. I truly hope you'll enjoy my penny rugs but remember

to stop back frequently as I will be adding new ones with each season and even some special

occasion candle mats. Very soon I plan to expand with some clever quilt patterns, as well. My quilt

patterns will be easy to follow and easy to make just as my candle mats are.

It is an exciting time for me and I can't wait to share "all" my creative ideas! If you like what you see,

and plan to order, please be sure to check your local quilt shop first to find these unique quilt

patterns and wool felt kits. If they don't carry them, by all means, feel free to ask them to!!

It'd be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, you'll receive your order prompt from my website store!!!

— Thank You So Much —
Annelle L. Holzman

( At this time I only ship within the US )


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