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W   10" x 28" Plus - Wool
TP_12Pear   12 Inch Pear/Holly
TP_12Hearts   12" 3-Hearts Topper
TP_12Love   12" 3-Love Topper
TP_12Moon   12" Moon/Star Topper
TP_12Pumpkin   12" Pumpkin & Fence Topper
WS   6" x 28" Plus - Wool
DH-Flake7.5   7.5" Snowflake (Grey)
CM-Season01   A Crazy Season
CM-Treat01   A Sweet Treat
DotBoxes   Annelle's Dot Boxes
FT-PressingSheet   Applique Pressing Sheet 13"x17"
FT-PressingSheet2   Applique Pressing Sheet 18x20in
CM-Baby01   Baby Love
Round-Doggy   Bless This Pet (Doggy Mat)
CHD-Blue01   Blue Skies Ahead
CM-Boats01   Boats For Sale
Buttons-1   Bunny Buttons
CM-Cardinals01   Cardinal Winter
pin-CardinalWinter   Cardinal Winter Pincushion Kit
FT-Pencils   Chalk Pencils-Set of 3 Colors
CM-Chocolate01   Choco-lot Forget-Me-Knot
scarf-christmasgraphics   Christmas Graphics Table Scarf Kit
class-choice1   Class Choice #1
class-choice2   Class Choice #2
class-choice3   Class Choice #3
FT-CloverFelting   Clover Needle Felting Tool
FT-CloverPenFelting   Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool
CM-Earth01   Crazy For Earth
CM-Crows01   Crows Who Pose
CM-Blessings01   Easter Blessings
CHD-Eweray   Ewe Ray 4 the USA (Hanging Version)
Round-roundeweray   Ewe Ray 4 the USA (Round)
Round-Falling   Falling A-Round (Round)
FT-Fiskars   Fiskar's Micro Tip Scissors
FT-Bobbins   Floss Bobbins
CM-Gardeners01   Gardener's Delight
FT-Sharpener   General's Pencil Sharpener (NEW!)
Round-Ginger   Ginger Friends (Round)
chd-Ginger1   Ginger Friends Hanging
CM-Green01   Goin' Green
CHD-Grateful01   Grateful Hearts
FT-Grip-n-GripSheet   Grip-N-Grip 12-1/2x17in
pin-WalnutShellsLav   Ground Walnut Shells - Lavender Scented
FT-Scissors2   Havel Embroidery Scissors 5-1/2" Long
CHD-homeforholidays   Home for the Holidays (Hanging Version)
CM-Home01   Home Sweet Home
CHD-Home01   Home Sweet Home (Hanging Version)
chd-Art2   I ❤ Art
pin-Crow   I Love To Crow Pincushion Kit
CM-Round01   In the Round
FT-Ironoff   Iron-Off
CM-Thing01   It's A Spring Thing
CM-Leafing01   Leaf-ing Home
CHD-Love01   Love One Another
CHD-lovesweetlove   Love Sweet Love (Hanging Version)
Mini-Ginger   Mini "Ginger Friends"
Mini-Green   Mini "Goin' Green"
Mini-Mitten   Mini "Mitten"
Mini-Creature   Mini "Not A Creature Was Stirring???"
Mini-SnowflakeBlue   Mini "Snowflake" (Blue)
Mini-SnowflakeTurquoise   Mini "Snowflake" (Turquoise)
Mini-Snowman   Mini "Snowman"
Mini-Kitty   Mini Kitty Boo Bag (Hanging)
Mini-PumpkinHang   Mini Pumpkin Patch (Hanging)
MiniMe-BabyBundle   Mini-Me Baby Bundle (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Nativity   Mini-Me Because He Lives Nativity (Gift Holder/Ornament/Hanging)
MiniMe-Bright   Mini-Me Bright Flower Basket (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Celebrate   Mini-Me Celebrate (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-ChocolateKiss   Mini-Me Chocolate Kiss (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Pumpkin-Kitty   Mini-Me Great Pumpkin 'N' Kitty (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Pumpkin-Puppy   Mini-Me Great Pumpkin 'N' Puppy (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Heritage   Mini-Me Heritage Flower Basket
MiniMe-TeaTime   Mini-Me Love My Tea Time (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Flower   Mini-Me Pastel Flower Basket (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Poinsettia   Mini-Me Poinsettia (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Primitive-Tree   Mini-Me Primitive Tree (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Ribbon-of-Life   Mini-Me Ribbon of Life (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Sew   Mini-Me Sew Hap-Bee! (Gift Holder/Hanging)
MiniMe-Sew-Special   Mini-Me Sew Special (Gift Holder/Hanging)
Mini-EweRay   Mini-More Ewe Ray for the USA (Gift Holder & Hanging)
Mini-HoppyHang   Mini-More Hoppy Spring (Gift Holder & Hanging)
Mini-tulip   Mini-More Jewel Tulip Trio (Gift Holder & Hanging)
MiniMore-Lobster   Mini-More Lobster Tales (Seashell or Gift Holder & Hanging)
MiniMore-LoveMusic   Mini-More Love Music (Gift Holder & Hanging)
Mini-pasteltulip   Mini-More Pastel Tulip Trio (Gift Holder & Hanging)
Mini-Bouquet   Mini-More Sparkle Bouquet (Gift Holder & Hanging)
Mini-ohchristmastree   Mini-Tall "Oh Christmas Tree"
CM-Mixed01   Mixed Blessings
CM-MumsWord01   Mums The Word
CM-Flakes01   My Take On Flakes
FT-Grabbers   Needle Grabbers
FT-Needles   Needles
FT-DMCEmbroidery   Needles-DMC Embroidery / Crewel Needles Assorted Sizes 5/10 16ct
CM-God01   One Nation Under God
CM-GodAnt01   One Nation Under God (Antique)
CM-Ornaments01   Ornaments To Go
CM-Peace01   Peace On Earth
PK-1   Pin Kit 1
PK-10   Pin Kit 10
PK-11   Pin Kit 11
PK-12   Pin Kit 12
PK-13   Pin Kit 13
PK-14   Pin Kit 14
PK-15   Pin Kit 15
PK-16   Pin Kit 16
PK-17   Pin Kit 17
PK-18   Pin Kit 18
PK-19   Pin Kit 19
PK-2   Pin Kit 2
PK-20   Pin Kit 20
PK-21   Pin Kit 21
PK-22   Pin Kit 22
PK-23   Pin Kit 23
PK-24   Pin Kit 24
PK-25   Pin Kit 25
PK-26   Pin Kit 26
PK-27   Pin Kit 27
PK-28   Pin Kit 28
PK-29   Pin Kit 29
PK-3   Pin Kit 3
PK-30   Pin Kit 30
PK-31   Pin Kit 31
PK-32   Pin Kit 32
PK-33   Pin Kit 33
PK-34   Pin Kit 34
PK-35   Pin Kit 35
PK-36   Pin Kit 36
PK-37   Pin Kit 37
PK-38   Pin Kit 38
PK-39   Pin Kit 39
PK-4   Pin Kit 4
PK-40   Pin Kit 40
PK-41   Pin Kit 41
PK-42   Pin Kit 42
PK-43   Pin Kit 43
PK-44   Pin Kit 44
PK-45   Pin Kit 45
PK-46   Pin Kit 46
PK-47   Pin Kit 47
PK-48   Pin Kit 48
PK-49   Pin Kit 49
PK-5   Pin Kit 5
PK-50   Pin Kit 50
PK-51   Pin Kit 51
PK-52   Pin Kit 52
PK-53   Pin Kit 53
PK-54   Pin Kit 54
PK-55   Pin Kit 55
PK-56   Pin Kit 56
PK-57   Pin Kit 57
PK-6   Pin Kit 6
PK-7   Pin Kit 7
PK-8   Pin Kit 8
PK-9   Pin Kit 9
CM-Pining01   Pining Away
CM-Pumkin01   Pumpkin Dance
scarf-pumpkinharvest   Pumpkin Harvest Table Scarf Kit
Round-Pumpkin-Patch   Pumpkin Patch (Round)
Table-Runner-Pumpkin-Patch   Pumpkin Patch (Table Runner)
QuiltersPurse   Quilter's Shopping Purse Kit
Reversible-No.-1-Fall-Winter   Reversible Fall-Winter #1 (Candle Mat Kit)
Reversible-No.-2-Fall-Winter   Reversible Fall-Winter #2 (Candle Mat Kit)
Reversible-FW3   Reversible Fall-Winter #3 (Candle Mat Kit)
Reversible-SS1   Reversible Spring-Summer #1 (Candle Mat Kit)
RR101   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 101 Macke Rayon Ric Rac
RR102   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 102 Kandinsky Rayon Ric Rac
RR103   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 103 Klee Rayon Ric Rac
RR104   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 104 Monet Rayon Ric Rac
RR105   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 105 Gauguin Rayon Ric Rac
RR106   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 106 Klimt Rayon Ric Rac
RR107   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 107 Van Gogh Rayon Ric Rac
RR108   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 108 Rousseau Rayon Ric Rac
RR109   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 109 Picasso Rayon Ric Rac
RR110   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 110 Chagall Rayon Ric Rac
RR111   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 111 Frida Rayon Ric Rac
RR112   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 112 Georgia Rayon Ric Rac
RR113   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 113 Hopper Rayon Ric Rac
RR114   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 114 Lawrence Rayon Ric Rac
RR115   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 115 Grandma Moses Rayon Ric Rac
RR116   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 116 Renoir Rayon Ric Rac
RR117   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 117 Niki Rayon Ric Rac
RR118   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 118 Mary C. Rayon Ric-Rac
RR119   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 119 Gabriele Rayon Ric Rac
RR120   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 120 Boucher Rayon Ric Rac
RR121   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 121 Cezanne Rayon Ric Rac
RR122   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 122 Marianne Rayon Ric Rac
RR123   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 123 Wilhelmina Rayon Ric Rac
RR124   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 124 Turner Rayon Ric Rac
RR125   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 125 Matisse Rayon Ric Rac
RR126   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 126 Kirchner Rayon Ric Rac
RR127   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 127 Waterhouse Rayon Ric Rac
RR128   Ric Rac (1 yard cuts) - 128 Marc Rayon Ric Rac
FT-Glue-Baste.5oz   Roxanne Glue Baste It (.5oz. Travel Size)
FT-Glue-Baste   Roxanne Glue Baste It (2 0z.)
FT-SavePoints   Save-A-Point Pencil Caps
scarf-shalom   Shalom Table Scarf Kit
pin-Shell   Shell Seeker Pincushion Kit
FT-Scissors1   Short Stuff Scissors

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