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"Choc-o-lot Forget Me Knot"

By: Patti M. F.

(Who is, btw, from Hershey, PA)


"Winter Woods"

By: Patti M. F.



"Choc-o-lot Forget Me Knot"

By: Letty Diaz


"Cardinal Winter"

By: Judy

"Hi Annelle! Happy New Year !! It has been crazy around here and I haven’t had a chance to drop you a line to thank you sooo much for mailing me the patterns. I can’t wait to get at them. Thanks a million for going to the trouble of sending them to me. I was at my sisters for Christmas and she had one of the candle mats that I made on her coffee table. I am going to try and attach the picture. What I did was I made the base of the mat from your pattern and then made cut out snow flakes from silver lame fabric and fused them to the felt then embroidered some silver stars around the centre. They were fun to make and kind of cool as they shine with the light of the candle. My other friend used hers as a tree skirt and had a small Christmas tree on top of it. The lights of the tree sparked on the fabric. I am also going to try and send you a picture of the cardinal mat that I made. Loved it ! ( Gave it away as well ) . I also made 2 of the ornament candle mats but have no pictures of them. Let me know if the pictures turn out ok ...Now I am going to try and sign onto your Facebook . Have a great day and again Thanks !!"

"My Take On FLakes"

By: Judy


"Easter Blessings"

By: Dawn Osborn


"Blue Skies Ahead"

Dear Annelle, I want to  share what I did with your creation

and how it was received by my daughter Cindy

on her birthday celebration. 

Hugs, Danka


My favorite letter from a happy customer:

"Hi Annelle, I have been meaning to write to you for so long. You were so sweet a few months back & mailed me a piece of felt that I had lost & I promised I would send a picture of my completed project and I totally forgot to do that before I sent it off as a Christmas present. So I apologize for that.

But I did want to tell you that your kits are far and above the best that I have purchased. The first ones I bought were from you & I was so spoiled & didn't even know it at the time. You provided everything I needed down to the needle and the white marking pencil! I have purchased kits from others after that & wasn't supplied with the needle or pencil or even the DMC floss!! You can imagine my surprise when I opened several other kits & found I still had to go shopping for supplies. I'm so glad that my first purchase was with you so that I knew exactly what I needed & your instructions were so thorough that I was off & running in no time. Had I bought these other kits first, they would still be sitting the wrapper waiting for me to get some time to figure out what I needed to buy & to figure out the rather cryptic instructions. So I really appreciate all the time & effort you put into making your kits so complete. Thanks!!"
— Marianne Griffin —
— Thank you, Marianne and all of you for your patronage!! —